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Collection Management and Consulting 

As art collectors as well as fine art services providers we have an intimate understanding of the thoughts and concerns of the collector. Whether you have a few pieces of art or a vast collection Hanging Lake Fine Art is ready to assist you in more than just displaying your pieces of art. 

The principals of HLFA have decades of experience working with collectors, galleries and museums in many aspects of collecting art not normally associated with a fine art handling business. We stand ready to assist you in documenting, cataloging and interfacing with the larger fine art world. This includes the photographic documentation of the collection, publishing limited edition catalogs or coffee table books of your collection, creating web sites and insurance based documentation.

We also understand that in many situations collectors want their ownership of certain pieces of fine art to remain confidential. HLFA has a policy that the company will not release the information about clients or their collections without authorization. In the event that a collector wishes to make their collections more accessible to others HLFA will assist in making connections with locations and publications that can meet this collection need.

Hanging Lake Fine Art welcomes the discussion of any issue collectors might have about their collections.


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