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Appraisal Services

If you need appraisals of your art collection, Hanging Lake Fine Art can assist you. We offer USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) compliant appraisals written to the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) Appraisal Report Writing Standard. 

These appraisals are written to two different levels. When the appraisal is needed for IRS purposes, estates, legal cases, insurance claims, etc. a fuller appraisal will be prepared. Federal and state regulations often require this level of USPAP compliant report and if you are sharing the appraisal with advisors, accountants, agents and/or attorneys a more detailed appraisal is generated. When the appraisal will only be used by the client and not shared a different level of written report can be prepared. While a briefer appraisal may be written, the USPAP process dictates that due diligence of data and information gathering, analysis, opinions and conclusion be used that can generate a full report if needed. 

Because of our connection to the ISA, we are also able to assist you in finding the correct appraiser if the art to be appraised is outside our specialty. While we provide appraisal services, we do not authenticate art. We can assistyou in arranging for authentication if the appraisal or your needs dictate.

HLFA is committed to ISA’s ethical standards, including confidentiality rules and management rules.  We also adhere to USPAP’s confidentiality and due diligence rules.  As such our appraisal reports adhere to some of the highest standards in the industry.

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